Nik Greeley


Nik Greeley Operators

““The funk & soul scene is one of Philly music’s most thriving facets, and The Operators are most certainly at the center of it.”

– Philly Live


“The band’s energetic live performances include a diverse spectrum of rhythm, blues, jazz, and extreme levels of funk, and is one of the most infectious live music experiences you’ll have. Greeley’s voice can be felt from around the block, and his full brass section will fill any room with contagiously electrifying vibes.”

– Kendall Deflin, Live For Live Music


“Greeley – the ultimate showman – growls, pumps his fist and slides to his knees, where he arches his back and pleadingly wails before the girls sitting on the tapestry table. He frantically emotes for one more song, seemingly burning through all of his energy and passion, and then retreats to the back of the courtyard and his beer.”

– George Miller, Jump Magazine


“This new track “Stars” fully displays their diverse intentions with a lyrically-stirring, head-swaying ballad.”

– Live For Live Music


“That setting is perfect for the funky soulfulness of the song, draping us in the late-night atmosphere of both music clubs and deep thoughts.”

– Julie Miller, The Key, WXPN 88.5


“If ever there was a chance to see them live, now is it. The band’s power is unstoppable in delivering juicy tunes, dance moves, and good vibes all around.”

– Kendall Deflin, Live For Live Music


Greeley revived his Funk 101 column to reflect on the concept of The Funky Drummer, tracing the influence of beats through funk, into hip-hop and beyond.

– The Key, WXPN 88.5


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